Oh What Fun

SO continuing off of my vlog post yesterday, for my next project I will be cooperating with two other people, promptly shown in the video, and we’re gong to be conducting and analyzing our own social experiments.

Since there have been controversies surrounding social experiments on YouTube in the past I figured this is a good way for me to conduct my own personal research on the matter as well as weigh in my opinion. Get ready for this one, it’s definitely a doozy.


Bottom of the Hill

So the project went well I think, and the presentation went smoothly. I did receive a lot of good feedback from my audience and I’ll take that and hopefully make better videos with it. I believe one strength I had this time was my effectiveness in moving along with presentations. I got at least 2 more in than I did last time and as a result increased the size of my audience.

Something I need to work on though would be implementing visual stimulus for a subject such as memes, that way I can offer better examples than just describing what they are.

My biggest takeaway from this project would be that even if you don’t think something has any significant impact on culture, that may not be true in the case of something that reaches so many people in such a short time frame.

Stay with me kids, there’s more to come. More on this later.