Dank Memes

So my new video is going to be on exactly what you guys think it’ll be on… Memes. As a personal request I will be doing this video as a literal “guide to the internet,” simply because memes are all over the internet, and more than once I’ve had to explain to someone what a meme was. So here goes nothing. Will provide updates with vlog posts.

Prepare the sleds, and open your minds to the world of the internet.



So the presentation went really well, and so here I am giving a reflection on the thing.

The part of the rubric for the project that went the best for me, I believe, would be the Reflection on Learning section. This because I asked my audience after showing them the video if they learned something that they previously did not know, and overwhelming majority said that they had.

I was weakest however with the Quality of Research, and this due to the fact that I still don’t have an official “expert” to get information from regarding topics.

This is also the section I want to improve upon because having an “expert” concerning topics such as the ones I talk about will only improve my credibility as a YouTuber.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next topic, and will be updating you guys at a later date!

Product Launch

Product is actually going pretty smoothly at this point, only thing I have left to do now is film and edit the video so it can be posted. Will keep you guys updated.

Because the video hasn’t been posted yet I can’t get feedback yet, so afterthoughts are going to have to wait until after I get that up and running, but as of now it is certainly going the way I want it to.

Prepare the sleds kids, spring is almost here.