Issues Here, and Issues There

One main problem I have experienced is finding what exactly about each topic should I talk about in the videos. Most topics have many problems associated with them, and as such it can be difficult to narrow down my discussion. For instance, Bungie’s game “Destiny” has a number of problems concerned with it, and this would make it somewhat difficult to make a video covering all of the main issues. I plan on doing it nonetheless, but it still has been a struggle. Hoping to see some actual content by the end of the week, two weeks max. Hold on kiddies, it’s about to get real.



Author: PoliticallyIncorrect

Just a guy putting his ideas out on the internet, and although I enjoy sweets, there will be limited sugarcoating.

3 thoughts on “Issues Here, and Issues There”

  1. Jackson, maybe narrowing the scope of what you want to accomplish during this particular 6 weeks might be helpful. Creating the YouTube channel and adding 1-2 videos. That’s actually a lot to accomplish in a 6 weeks, if the videos are thoughtfully created with story lines and well put together.


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