Let’s Stop and Get Back…

Well through three projects and videos there’s certainly a lot to look back and reflect on regarding my experiences with this content. I’m proud to announce that the videos have received much in the ways of positive feedback and hopefully they can continue to grow in both quality and popularity.

Of course with the ups came the downs. A few problems presented themselves along the way, and more will most likely show again at some point. The most prevalent one that I believe will continue to persist is staying true to my points, and not going off on random tangents while I’m talking. This can be helped along by making sure the script is how I want it to be before I begin filming.

I do think that my takeaway from these videos should be the same as my audience. Pay attention to what both sides of a story are saying, then from the information gathered, make your own opinion on the matter. And as always, ¬†have a sled ready just in case things start to go downhill. Take care guys, I’ll see you next semester.



Author: PoliticallyIncorrect

Just a guy putting his ideas out on the internet, and although I enjoy sweets, there will be limited sugarcoating.

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