Welcome Back Kids

Get your sleds out of the garage, because I’m back for another semester!

Starting off with a bang, I’m going to be discussing political/economic systems as well as different forms of government. My driving question for this iteration: How can I help viewers differentiate between various political and economic systems as well as differing forms of government? Topical right?

Also with this project I plan on implementing weekly vlog updates as to the progress of the video and perhaps even trending news stories. I don’t know yet, we’ll figure it out.

If you guys haven’t already, subscribe to my channel and follow me on twitter, links and usernames are in the About section. Ready the sleds, there’s a big hill coming up, and I intend on going straight down.

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_pKXvoDel80-PYC65-D7xA



Author: PoliticallyIncorrect

Just a guy putting his ideas out on the internet, and although I enjoy sweets, there will be limited sugarcoating.

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