F. A. Q. (Not Really Though)

So I’ve had a few questions regarding my “work” from a few people I know and here’s me answering what I thought were the most prevalent. (This post is a doozy so strap in.)

What is your project goal and why are you trying to accomplish this goal?   Well my main goal for this project, my YouTube channel, is meant to clear up ignorance and misconceptions about a wide variety of topics seen on the internet. I do this because often I will hear conversations where a topic is given the wrong context or an example is used without resources and clearing this kind of thing up is something I hope to do with this channel.

Who benefits from me achieving this goal?                                                     The main group of people that I aim for my intended audience is the middle to high school range of students, but I for sure welcome any and all viewers to my channel.

Who is your competition?                                                                                   From an information standpoint, my competition would be any other YouTube channel that discusses current events and topics, such as The Philip DeFranco Show or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. From an entertainment viewpoint however, that competition is more indirect with any other forms of entertainment, for instance Netflix or Vimeo.

How am I different from these other forms of media?                                     Well I’d like to think it’s my stunning personality, but the main factor that I consider for this question is that I am a teenager who practically lives on the internet, so I have first hand experience with the environment and atmosphere of the online world.

What other obstacles would prevent you from reaching your goal and how can you get around them?                                                                                 The main problem I see is simply not having my videos known to a majority of my audience, which is why it is extremely helpful when you guys like and share my videos so your friends can see them.



Author: PoliticallyIncorrect

Just a guy putting his ideas out on the internet, and although I enjoy sweets, there will be limited sugarcoating.

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