Where I Am as of Now

So the new video is coming nicely I believe, I was in DC this weekend so I took a break from most of my work but now I’m back!

The script is getting written and revised for content, because even though the topic of the video is lighthearted and frankly a little silly, I still want to be sure the more “serious” applications of memes get addressed while still holding that air of humor. It’s not as easy as you’d think.

I’m looking at sources that include information on the origin and uses of the word and application of memes through the years, and it’s not all Pepes and Dat Bois. I’ll be trying to find an article on the spread of memes as soon as I can.

Sorry for being out but now we’re back in business, new vlog should be up at some point. Ready those sleds kids, and brace yourselves, the memes are coming.



Author: PoliticallyIncorrect

Just a guy putting his ideas out on the internet, and although I enjoy sweets, there will be limited sugarcoating.

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